The listed Airport Building Tempelhof reflects Berlin’s eventful history: it is an expression of the National Socialist ideology and was used in the Second World War to produce arms by forced laborers. Tempelhof is also a symbol of freedom, the airlift from 1948/49 made the airport world famous and a myth. During the division of Germany, it remained the gateway to the free world for many people.

Mythos Tempelhof

The Airport Building Tempelhof is the largest architectural monument in Europe. Our expert guides will show you the different sides of this unique building. Experience the monumental architecture and learn more about the ideological-political background of the airport construction, which was planned by Ernst Sagebiel in 1936.

After the Second World War, the Americans left their mark on the Airport Building Tempelhof. In the tours we take you to the traces that are still visible today.

Tempelhof Airport has become a symbol of freedom thanks to the airlift from 1948/49. He plays a very special role in the history of Berlin. In our guided tours we show you the myth of Tempelhof up close.

Hidden places in the Tempelhof airport

Numerous legends surround the history and architecture of the famous Tempelhof airport. On a tour of the Airport Building Tempelhof, you will learn what is right and what belongs in the realm of imagination: how many underground floors does the airport building have? Are there actually kilometers of tunnels that lead into the center of Berlin? Does the airfield even have a basement? Why are there so many legends about Tempelhof?

Expert guides will also lead you into the underground of the building, to the various air-raid shelters, bunkers and cellar vaults. In the hidden places of the airport you can learn more about the eventful history of the building, especially about its use during the Third Reich.

Depending on your interests, the group tours can focus on the following: The myth of Tempelhof, Hidden places, Architecture Third Reich, Military use

A tour of the airport building Tempelhof does not fit into your daily plan? We have more ideas for you!

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