❓ How could it happen that so many voted for Hitler?
❓ How did he become a Nazi?
❓ How did he come to power?
❓ How did anti-Semitism lead to concentration camps and the Holocaust?
❓ Why did generals and soldiers go along with it to the end?

The suicide of the dictator Hitler effectively ended the bloodiest war in history. Replica of his bunker room in original size, a model of the Führer’s bunker, photos, documents, films.  In the “Berlin: ‘Hitler, How Could It Happen’ Exhibition” you will find among other things a research station where you can search “Hitler – the Itinerary” in full text.

We organize your class trip to Berlin or group trips. With or without this exhibition.
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➡️ Go on a journey through time to the years of National Socialism.
➡️ Learn more about this part of German history in an authentic bunker.
➡️ Learn more about Hitler’s rise to power and the time of the reign of terror.
➡️ Explore the comprehensive documentary “Hitler – how could it happen” in an originally bunker at Anhalter Bahnhof.

The “Berlin: ‘Hitler, How Could It Happen’ Exhibition” tells the story of Hitler’s rise to power and seizure of power until the unconditional surrender of the German Wehrmacht on May 8, 1945. Visit a full-scale replica of the bunker, take a look at a model of the “Fuehrer Bunker” and see interesting pictures, documents and film footage.

This is not an exhibition about Hitler alone, but about the history of National Socialism in the overall context.

Berlin Story Bunker, Schöneberger Straße 23a, 10963 Berlin GERMANY

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