The Gasometer will close on December 1, 2020 for approximately 2 years.
Guided tours through the campus will continue to be offered in consideration of the construction activities.

The almost 80 meter high steel cylinder is not an ordinary building, but has a similar status as the Eiffel Tower in Paris. We would be happy to show you Berlin’s most exciting view! From the Gasometer EUREF Campus!

At the Gasometer EUREF Campus campus, 140 years of industrial and architectural history impressively meet the technology of the future.
The absolute highlight in Berlin is a tour on the gasometer. The tower is the only open-type gasometer in the world that invites you to climb.

The groups with a maximum of 9 guests are supervised by two certified guides.
The panorama above the roofs of Berlin is explained to you in detail.

Depending on the number and time of guests, there are various ways to climb the Gasometer EUREF Campus:

– Small, private groups (with enough time) can climb the tower to the top (max. 9 guests, tour duration 60 – 80 minutes, 2 groups from approx. 80 minutes).
– For events (19 – 180 ++ participants), the tours halfway up to the 3rd or 4th floor of the Gasometer EUREF Campus are ideal. You have a brilliant panoramic view, often 40 km away; it is much faster because several groups can be organized at the same time.

The guides know the city from above very well, an additional guide will accompany you down early if you want to cancel. The tours can be carried out on days of your choice, in coordination with the other campus events. Of course, we can adapt the programs for climbing the Gasometer Schöneberg on the EUREF campus to your requirements.

For information about the tours, please click on the photos.

Half-high gasometer tour, with 3 guides
Total duration up to 2 hours
multiple groups at the same time!
This program is ideal for 10 – approx. 36 guests.

Half-high gasometer tour, with 4 guides
Tour duration: 30 – 40 minutes, total duration 2 hours
up to 54 guests

Gasometer tour very high
with city view from on the 6th floor
Group max. 9 guests
Duration: 80 min

Gasometer tour very high, with city view from the 6th floor, 18 guests
Duration: at least 80 min.
2 groups of 9 guests are led at the same time

Guiding on campus, 2 hours
Guiding on campus
in conjunction with the gasometer tour program

Also on offer: Campus tours with the following topics:

– Gas as an innovative engine of industrialization in the 19th century
– The function of a gasometer
– The gasometer in the 20th century
– Architectural history of the EUREF campus
– The campus as a think tank for renewable energies
– Our startups and research institutes
– New forms of energy and traffic management
– Smart city of tomorrow

The whole thing is presented in a relaxed manner, the guides are not dry scientists. The campus tours rotate continuously, a guide can lead 2 groups in succession within 2 hours.

We look forward to your inquiry!

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