East Germany (GDR) is history and there are countless stories to tell and present about it!

The DDR Museum is one of the most visited attractions in the German capital: Interactive, exciting and entertaining, you can immerse yourself in life in the GDR. You will see, feel and experience everyday life in the GDR and take a look behind the scenes of a vanished state.

Unique exhibits, futuristic technology and award-winning design take you back in time!

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The DDR Museum is dedicated to life in the GDR. It expands the field of vision of the reappraisal of the Stasi and the Wall to include everyday life in the GDR. How did life in the East differ from life in the West? How did the state influence people’s lives? Where and how was the dictatorship noticeable in everyday life? What are the often claimed positive achievements of the “workers and farmers state”, as the GDR called itself? In an amusing, ironic and very present way, questions like these are raised in a permanent exhibition & answered and many a prejudice may be shaken. The special cultural-historical perspective is close to the people and goes far beyond a mere enumeration of historical facts.

This permanent exhibition takes the motto “History you can touch” literally: You enter a 1:20 scale prefabricated housing estate and have to take all your senses with you. Information and exhibits are hidden behind drawers, cupboards and doors. Everywhere there is something to discover, to touch, to experience. The exhibits can be touched and used, the kitchen still smells of the original GDR, the Trabi invites you to a virtual tour. The dogma of visual observation known from normal museums thus “only” becomes one sense among many that you can use – the exhibition becomes an experience, the DDR Museum one of the most interactive museums in the world.

Let us take you on an exciting time travel into a real socialist past! Numerous thematic areas provide an appropriate insight into authentic living conditions instead of superficial Eastern Algeria. Immerse yourself and explore real life in the GDR from youth consecration and the education system, full employment and the economy of scarcity to Stasi surveillance and the Berlin Wall. The living room still smells of the original GDR, the blue FDJ shirt hangs in the wardrobe next to the latest Dederon fashion, the school bag is full to bursting, the Stasi bugging system is ready for use. See thousands of originals in the DDR Museum, from the Erika typewriter to the Robotron computer to the mine, laid on the inner-German border!

Political educational trip or class trip – between numerous educational offers such as guided tours, workshops and discussions with contemporary witnesses. Interested parties can take a tour of the GDR collection with over 200,000 objects in the object database. In the GDR Shop, visitors will find literature from the in-house GDR Museumsverlag, specialist books and Berlin souvenirs. The Visitor Centre regularly hosts events such as book presentations, discussions and lectures. Online offers such as the exhibition “Wendejahre” (Turning Point) in cooperation with the Google Cultural Institute or the blog on the reappraisal of the GDR complete the diverse range of exhibits in the DDR Museum Berlin.

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