Worked through the tourist highlights? Then it’s time for a game that will change your life:
Ecape Room Berlin. The House of Tales® tells stories you can touch in the middle of Berlin.

Experience unique events

The next team event needs to be organized or the bachelor party of the future bride is just around the corner and you are still looking for THE fancy Icebreaker Event in Berlin? Then you should go to the Escape Room Berlin and declare your search to be over. Of course you don’t need any reason to visit the House of Tales, but for all those who are still looking for the right one, we have put together a selection of events here.

A joint adventure

Here you will not only find offers for smaller groups. You can also easily book events for a large number of people. Exit Games are especially popular with companies, but also for festive occasions like bachelor parties or birthdays. So if you are looking for an unusual activity for special moments or the next company outing, you are at the perfect address with us. Experience a day full of excitement and challenging puzzles that will demand everything from you and your team.

Solve exciting puzzles with your colleagues

At the group events in Berlin, you and your group can expect not only exciting puzzles, but also fun, which can have a long-term positive effect on the climate among each other, especially on company outings. Because the Exit Games are designed for teamwork, there is no room for lone warriors. The exuberant atmosphere and the joint puzzling are the secret of success of this team building.

Escape Room Berlin for pupils

Attention, one hour offline: What’s a teenager doing for an hour these days without the Internet and social media? Playing Live Escape Games with his friends. On every class trip to Berlin a game at the House of Tales at Checkpoint Charlie should not be missing. For school classes and organized youth groups of 15 or more players we offer discounted tickets from Monday to Friday during our opening hours.

Right after your visit to the Aisis Mauer Panorama and before to be on the dance floor School disco D-Light.

➡️ Team-Building

➡️ School Trip

➡️ Christmas Party

➡️ Birthday

➡️ Children’s Birthday Party from 10 years

An ancient mystery is hidden behind the walls of an unimposing chapel. Join your team on the path to enlightenment.
2 -6 players

The Mystery of the Pharaohs
You are cursed! Return to the land of the Pharaohs and find the Philosophers’ Stone with your team.
4 -10 players

Kowloon – Walled City (from 18)
Entangled in a web of blackmail, prostitution and drug trafficking, it is a matter of
to defend the honor of your triad on the streets of the Walled City.
Single mode:
2-6 players or Versus mode: 4-12 players

The executioner
Free yourself and your team from the clutches of an occult brotherhood.
The end is near and the executioner is already on his way.
2-5 players

Here’s how it works
Depending on the story, we recommend a team of three to five people for an ideal gaming experience. Larger groups will be spread over several stories.
Each team will be individually accompanied through the experience by its own game leader.
Each game has a maximum duration of 60 minutes. Please allow at least 90 minutes for the visit to the House of Tales.
All stories can be played in German or English.

Number of stories: 4
Number of possible participants: 2 – 33 at the same time, more than 33 participants can play in several rounds consecutively.
Duration of the event: approx. 90 minutes


Every game at the House of Tales is an unforgettable experience. What are you waiting for?

✅ Unite talents & discover the unknown
✅ Escape Room 2.0 & gripping stories
✅ 1 hour offline
✅ German & English

➡️ Team-Building – up to 88 players per round
➡️ Class trip – up to 26 players per round
➡️ Christmas party -up to 38 players per round
➡️ Birthday, also children’s birthday from 10 years
➡️ stag party -up to 38 players per round

For your first time in the Escape Room Berlin – House of Tales® register here:

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