The Illuseum Berlin is a unique museum to make new experiences and have fun.

Are you brave enough for the Vortex Tunnel in the Illuseum? It will make you believe that the world revolves around you. Watch your loved one shrink and grow in our Ames room. Find out how to trick your friends and make them think you’re flying or stuck to the ceiling – the reverse room is waiting for you. At the Illuseum Berlin.

Enjoy the collection of holograms, look at illusions up close and observe closely.

They will show you that our conjectures and assumptions about the world are mostly one thing: illusions.
Amusing and amazing exhibits at the Illuseum Berlin will teach you about our brain and how we see it. Be sure to try out the entertaining and educational wooden toys and puzzles. Although they look small and simple, they can make your head spin and often be both fun and frustrating. At the Illuseum Berlin.


Canoe tour in Berlin

Canoeing on the Spree, Havel or Landwehr Canal.

To the overview “Canoe Tour”


The “Wall Bike Tour”

Explore the Berlin Wall and / or Berlin Districts with our guided bike tour.

To the overview “Wall bike tour”


Asisi Panometer Berlin “The Wall”

Yadegar Asisi’s impressive panorama of the divided Berlin, directly at the famous Checkpoint Charlie.

Tickets „Asisi Panometer Berlin“

Spionagemuseum Fassade

German Spy Museum Berlin

The German Spy Museum Berlin offers a unique insight into the shadowy realm of espionage.

Capital of the Spies

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