Fly in the largest wind tunnel in Germany! Highly recommended: One of the best activities on Tripadvisor and Foursquare.

Completely free flying in three-dimensional space, every movement of your body changes the flight attitude. Up, down, turns, alone, together with instructor or friends. HURRICANE FACTORY BERLIN – Germany’s largest wind tunnel with a diameter of 5.2m and a height of 15m gives you plenty of space to let off steam.


Group briefing wind tunnel (with 5-10 pilots): Explanation of the procedure, flight attitude training, safety briefing.

Clothing: Overall, helmet and goggles are available from us (we have suitable goggles for those who wear glasses), please bring your own sports shoes!

Pre-flight chamber (anteroom to the flight cylinder): Duration of stay here up to 30 minutes, depending on group size.

The Hurricane Bodyflying Experience

Several times in a row, we will fly directly in the wind tunnel until the total flying time is over. Beginners usually have one pilot and the instructor in the flight area. The personal flying time is divided into flights of 1.5 minutes each. During your flight the instructor is always with you. With demonstrations, simple hand signals and manual corrections he will improve your flight attitude until you can fly alone.

After the flight

Delivery of the flight log; if you wish, you can now watch and buy the video and photos of your flight in the wind tunnel (photos by mail, video on USB)

Relax at the bar and watch other first flyers or experienced body flyers during their flights.

A flight in the wind tunnel is a sporty but safe experience and, with a few exceptions, possible for almost everyone. A medical certificate is not necessary for participation.

Minimum age: 5 years, maximum weight: 120kg. Please also note the Conditions of Participation!

Fotos: Jules Esick, Judith Klapper

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