Gül-Aynur and Hanadi, as “district mothers”, advise families in Neukölln.
As a child, Gül-Aynur followed her mother, who went to work in foreign Germany and left her families (initially) in Turkey. Hanadi came from Lebanon as a war child.
Neither came to return. Neukölln oneway!

Immigration has always shaped Rixdorf.
In the 18th century it was the Bohemian refugees, in the late 1960s the first “guest workers” and later refugees came.
Discover the exciting side of immigration!


German-Arab Center, office of the “Neuköllner Aufbruch”, Comenius Garden, Bohemian Village, house of Gül-Aynur’s mother at Richardplatz, Richard elementary school

2 hours

German, Turkish, Arabic

We look forward to your interest in our walking tour “Neukölln Oneway”!

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