Perfect for school trips to Berlin – in terms of budget, ideas and fun

Berlin is not only very popular with guests from all over the world, but also with many students.

On our school trips to Berlin and political education trips you can make a variety of discoveries, enjoy pure variety, experience history(ies) – all within a really reasonable budget and with individually selectable program points.

We can support you, take extra wishes into account and above all take “everything” off your hands.

Let us organize the school trips to Berlin …

  • Arrival and departure by train, flight or bus
  • Overnight in a central hostel
  • City tours by bus, bike, canoe or ship
  • Tours
  • Interview with Zeitzeugen/eyewitnesses
  • Public transport tickets
  • Tickets for the numerous attractions and stages of the capital

German Bundestag: School trips to Berlin

Members of the Bundestag can invite you to Berlin for a visit to a plenary session of the German Bundestag or for a lecture in the visitors’ gallery in the plenary hall. This contingent is divided between the weeks of the session (attending a plenary session) and the non-session weeks of the German Bundestag (lecture in the visitors’ gallery).

In addition, slots are allocated in the less popular months: November, December, January and February.

However, a travel allowance is paid after the trip. The travel allowance usually covers part or most of the travel costs, but rarely all costs. All other costs must be borne by the participants themselves.

We would be happy to establish contact with members of your constituency to get to know their political work in the capital.

These school trips to Berlin are not organized by the government. That’s what InBerlinReisen is for! The Bundestag, however, will organize your guided tour of the inside of the Bundestag for you.

We are always happy to help with personalized tips to “our” city,  so that every school trip will be a great trip to the capitol.

The best thing is for you, your students or their parents to decide on a balanced and individual schedule for your school’s trip to Berlin!

We are looking forward to organize your trip!


Berlin from the water

Berlin’s most beautiful sites: On the Spree, the Havel and the Landwehr Canal.

Our Overview of „Boat Trips in Berlin“

Berlin Mauertour Fahrrad - Gruppe vor dem Alten Museum Berlin

The “Berlin Wall Bike Tour”

Discover with our guided bike tours the Berlin Wall.

Overview of Our “Berlin Wall Bike Tours”

Kanu in Berlin

Canu Tours in Berlin

Canoeing on the Spree, Havel or Landwehr Canal.

Overview of Our “Canu Tours“


Berlin Underworld

Explore the Berlin underworlds during your Berlin trip.

Various Tours Through Berlin’s Underworld


Photo rally in Berlin

“Unknown Berlin” – where no city guide can go!

To the Photo Rally in Berlin

Die unterirdische Geschichte der Berliner Mauer

The Berlin Wall

Explore the underground history of the Berlin Wall.

Tour of former boarder zones

Tickets Deutsches Spionagemuseum

The Berlin Spy Museum

A unique insight into the shadow empire of espionage.

A Capitol of Spies

Asisi Panorama Die Mauer am Checkpoint Charlie

Asisi Panometer Berlin

Yadegar Asisi’s impressive panorama over the divided Berlin.

Tickets for “Asisi Panometer Berlin”

DDR Museum

DDR Museum

Former East German everyday life, Stasi, Berlin Wall and much more.

An Exciting Journey Through Time

Little BIG City Berlin am Fernsehturm für Klassenfahrten

Little BIG City Berlin

Berlin history brought back to life through 3D.

Visit Litte BIG City Berlin


Otto Bock Science Center

The “Muskelhaus” is an eye-catcher at Potsdamer Platz.

Explore the multimedia installations

Gewölbekeller im Untergrund im Prenzaluer Berg

„Prenzlauer Berg from below“

Gain insights into a brewery cellar and a water reservoir!

Tour of a brewery cellar and water reservoir

Panoramapunkt am Potsdamer Platz


Europe’s fasts elevator.

To the best View from “Potsdamer Platz”

2 Touristen vor dem Brandenburger Tor

Personalized Tours

Are you looking for your own personally customized tour of Berlin? 

Ask for “My special Berlin”

Juden in Berlin Tatjana Rossa 4

Tours of  “Jews in Berlin”

Just behind Alexanderplatz there are countless traces.

Jewish life Berlin made visible

Sightjogging InBerlinReisen 01 Vorschaubild

Berlin Site Jogging

With Agnes Nöll and your own tempo through Berlin.

Our Marathon and Site Jogging Expert

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