Discover East Berlin: The entertaining city tour right in the heart of Berlin with Germany’s youngest East German contemporary witness!

We explore original locations of Berlin history together. I tell exciting stories. Here is an excerpt:

  • When and where exactly was Berlin founded?
  • How was the “Babylon Berlin of the Golden 1920s” and why is the “hooker brooch” on the Alexanderplatz also a popular meeting place for families?
  • Why will a black building hundreds of meters high in the center of Berlin never be demolished?
  • Reality and not a fake: The first “Berlin Wall” is over 700 years old and is partially still standing!
  • Fall down, get up, crown up: why you should keep going in life:
    The “secret father of Berlin”, Heinrich Zille and Zille, his ascent with over 50 and “his Milljöh”
  • Is there still a large monastery ruin near Alexanderplatz as a memorial to World War II?
  • Where does the famous house stand that “ran away” to the west of Berlin before the Second World War and that voluntarily (sic!) Returned to East Berlin before German unity?
  • Where was the first freely elected parliament of Berlin constituted after the reunion of German?

The guided walking city tour “East Berlin with Stephan Giering” takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.
We would be happy to fit it into your Berlin program.

English, German

Would you like to book the “East Berlin with Stephan Giering” guided city tour with us? Please contact us.
Please use the form below or call +49 30 21003838.

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