Virtual Reality attraction transports visitors to the divided Berlin of the 1980s

Station 1 – Checkpoint Charlie
It starts with a proverbial trip to the front door. Equipped with wireless VR glasses and accompanied by a TimeRide employee, guests experience the most famous border crossing in Berlin’s history from a completely new perspective.

Station 2 – The view through the wall
The second stop begins at the TimeRide location: the literal view through the wall. What was everyday life in the West like, how did people live in the East? A look at the respective pages shows very different living environments.

Station 4 – The Virtual Reality Ride
The most exciting thing at the end: the VR tour through divided Berlin. Visitors take a seat in a bus from the 80s and, thanks to VirtualReality technology, set off into another time. During the virtual city tour, the time travelers experience a person check at Checkpoint Charlie, drive over Friedrichstrasse and see the Palace of the Republic shine in old splendor: At the end of the journey, original pictures of the fall of the wall remind us why this event has left its mark on Germany to this day.

Station 3 – The Contemporary Witnesses
The following room focuses on personal life stories. Oversized passports show how many different fates existed in divided Berlin. Everyone dealt with the separation and the system of the GDR in an individual way, everyone has different memories. The highlight: the guests can then choose who they want to start their VR journey through
want – the rebellious craftsman, the reflective architect or the unadjusted frontier worker from the west.

Fits well to a stroll through Berlin: TimeRide is located directly at Checkpoint Charlie.
The tour is designed for both individuals and (school) groups of 8 or more and lasts about one hour. The visit is recommended for children from six years on.

We recommend the time travel right after the visit of the neighbouring “Asisi Panometer Berlin: The Wall” at Checkpoint Charlie.
We will draw up a well-coordinated schedule for this and other program points during your group trip or school trip to Berlin.

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Asisi Panometer Berlin

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ddr-museum-berlin-©DDR Museum-Berlin-2017


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