Discover the Funkhaus Berlin Nalepastrasse with us on a guided tour, a system for music production that is still highly valued today. The state radio of East Germany has been broadcasting from here since the early 1950s. For this purpose, a state-of-the-art, constantly expanding complex for radio production was created. Today there is no radio production anymore. But the recording rooms are still very popular because they combine acoustics and design in a unique way. The best example of this is Hall 1 in the Funkhaus Berlin Nalepastrasse. You can already look forward to enjoying this differentiated room acoustics.

Duration of a tour: 90 minutes

Visit the Funkhaus Berlin Nalepastraße and learn more about Berlin’s exciting radio history. Due to the division into four sectors, there are several radio stations whose history is closely related.

From the beginning, the Funkhaus Berlin in Nalepastraße has had a production complex that is unique in the world. Four recording studios and two radio play complexes serve exclusively the purpose of music and word production. Hall 2, as can be seen on the left, is the second largest recording studio in the broadcasting center and an integral part of the guided tours.

East Germany, Berlin

A few days after the end of the Second World War, Berlin Radio was the first post-war broadcaster to go on air. The broadcasting house in the western part of the city provided space for production. At the beginning of the 1950s, however, the Berlin radio had to get out because the ideological conflict between East and West continued to worsen. A new Funkhaus Berlin was built. This time in the eastern part of the city, on the local border to Köpenick. The Funkhaus Berlin Nalepastraße was the antipole to western radio. Here radio was made, in a radio house of superlatives.

After the 90-minute tour Funkhaus Berlin Nalepastrasse there is the possibility to take a break in the “milk bar”; a café with the original Eats Germany ambience from the 70s.

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