Filmpark Babelsberg, Großbeerenstraße 200, 14482 Potsdam

Hollywood in Germany: Film Park Babelsberg

A half-day or day trip that creates enthusiasm. Easy to reach from Berlin, travel time about 1 hour.

Come with … behind the scenes!
Every year between Easter and Halloween, the theme park at the gates of Berlin invites you to the world of cinema and TV. Everything that belongs to the film is staged here in the Film Park Babelsberg for visitors:
Scenes, props, costumes and technical equipment. Film craft, film history and presence come to life in more than 20 program items:

In the studio of the dream workers e.g. give artists, plasterers, makeup and costume designers an exclusive insight into their work and show how perfect illusions are created. With
The guest also learns what tricks the film professionals work during the Backlot Tour, a guided tour of original Babelsberger productions.

Stuntmen, pyrotechnicians and animal trainers show their skills in unique shows. During the stunt show in the volcano are action-packed chases, body stunts and explosive
Marvel at special effects.

In the TV show in the TV studio 1, visitors can stand in the spotlight themselves: as a weather fairy, talk guest, extra or light double. “Of
Pudels Kern ”hits the film animal show. The film animal school Harsch, one of the most renowned addresses nationwide, shows how its protégés point at paws, claws or paws
become real movie stars. The training of the animals can be experienced live and up close.

The short films in the 4D action cinema and in the interactive XD experience promise the “Dome of Babelsberg” pure thrill. Action-hungry guests get their money’s worth here. Screeching allowed, but don’t forget to buckle up! But even the youngest will have fun: at the witch house from “Hansel and Gretel”, on the jungle playground or on a boat trip through Panama – Janosch’s dreamland. The “Prinz Eisenherz” restaurant takes care of the culinary well-being. Here you can dine in a medieval atmosphere between original props from the cinema production of the same name (1997).

In addition to the regular Filmpark program, various tours, interesting workshops and presentations for groups and individual guests can also be booked, which provide further exciting insights into the work of the film professionals, e.g. the guided tour “How is a film made?”, a trial workshop with the stunt professionals or CLASS (S) FILMS (N)
complete shoot for school classes. Children’s birthdays ready for film can also be celebrated.

Here are some guided tours and additional offers (all on request and in advance):

Filmpark A – Z
Overview of the Film Park Babelsberg, its history and the current daily program
Capacity: up to 30 people
approx. 30 minutes

How is a film made?
Creation phases of a film production with exclusive explanations in the Film Park Babelsberg studio of the “dream workers” and an individual backlot tour
Capacity: up to 30 people
approx. 60 minutes

VIP tour
The VIP tour includes explanations on the Film Park Babelsberg, the media city of Babelsberg, an individual backlot tour as well as presentations on film crafts and film tricks.
On weekdays, the prop collection can be viewed in the Film Park Babelsberg studio, alternatively sets and original scenery can be visited on the weekend, or the 4D action cinema can be visited on request.
Afterwards, all shows and attractions can be explored on your own.
Capacity: up to 30 people
approx. 90 minutes

The stunt crew Film Park Babelsberg, who doubles both national and international film stars, grants an exclusive look behind the scenes of the volcano stunt show arena. In addition, you get an exciting insight into the varied work of the stunt crew.
Capacity: up to 30 people
Duration: approx. 30 minutes, in English on request

Stunt demo
Stuntmen explain how selected stunts work and use examples (broken glass bottle, arm burner or break table) to show which tricks and techniques are used in the film to make action scenes look as spectacular as possible.
Capacity: up to 100 people
Duration: approx. 30 minutes, also in English on request

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