We arrange an extraordinary tour by our guide André Franke.

André is a graduate engineer. Urban and regional planning, tour guide, blogger and freelance journalist in Berlin.

He describes his tour “Futuring Friedrichstrasse” as follows:

Anyone who thinks that the Friedrichstrasse is a historic street where everything has been eaten will be surprised when they take it off completely from north to south. The Tacheles district, up on Oranienburger Strasse, gives it a new head; Checkpoint Charlie in the middle of a new belly; and the new library building on Blücherplatz will put the Friedrichstrasse back on its feet.

In between, there are plenty of other construction projects: a subway station, an utopian tram route, a bicycle express way and two (yes, only two!) historical building scandals lie in the middle of the route. Depending on the desired time window, we condense or dilute the project ideas.

What should become clear after 3.3 kilometers is that Friedrichstrasse is not just shopping, not romance, but even a dead end. It runs in a noticeable north-south gradient, and this, in turn, has to do with urban planning and urban development.

The tour “Futuring Friedrichstrasse with André Franke” takes about 2-3 hours (3,5 km).
We would be happy to fill it into your Berlin program. You can also book the tour by bike.

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