Away from the usual paths you are on your way to new shores on the Spree, Havel or Landwehr Canal!

On a safe canoe trip you will experience an extraordinary city from an extraordinary perspective. Berlin shows itself from the water as a grandly sprawling metropolis, in which a lot is in the river and everyone is in motion. Whether TV tower, Molecule Man or Oberbaumbrücke – all this and much more awaits you on our canoe tour in Berlin.
Get started and put on again and again, for example for a varied barbecue.

This tour is also suitable for inexperienced paddlers!

Kanu in Berlin

Pizza afterwards – for school classes!

Fortify yourself with a large pizza and 1 drink after the canoe tour in Berlin.

Costs € 10.00 per person (student and companion)

BBQ afterwards

The BBQ is ideal for groups who want to grill after the canoe tour in Berlin.

At the start and end point of the “Green Southeast” tour, we have a barbecue area with a direct water position. After paddling there is plenty of food and drink so that everyone is satisfied.

Steaks, Thuringian sausages, poultry, turkey, zucchinis and much more are served on the grill. Homemade crustbread, flatbread, tzaziki and a mixed salad also complement the grilled food for vegetarians.

Quench your thirst with non-alcoholic drinks, beer and wine. If you have any special requests, we would also be happy to put together an individual beverage selection.

The guided canoe tours are ideal for students and teachers to get to know Berlin from a completely different angle.

The 2-hour program includes paddling, history and a shore break with a break.
The boats stop at interesting places and the guide tells what is exciting to see.
The highlights on the canoe tours include the Oberbaum Bridge, Molecular Men, the Badeschiff, a part of the former Berlin border, the Spree-Park, the Spree-Tunnel and the former broadcasting area of former East Germany.

Before we set sail, all participants are given life jackets, waterproof bins, paddles, a safety briefing and a theoretical paddle crash course.

The canoes have three seats and are easy to control even for beginners.
In addition, the school class is accompanied throughout the tour by a guide who is happy to offer practical assistance if required.

A meal together after the canoe tour in Berlin rounds off the offer.

If everyone tackles things, things will go faster.

If the team spirit is right, the team will experience great things together.
Much of what applies to canoe tours can also be applied to everyday work – and vice versa.
Paddling welds together.
When canoeing, you get to know your colleagues from a completely new perspective.

Our guided canoe tour in Berlin is therefore very popular with companies whose company outing is Berlin.

Before the canoe tour in Berlin starts, all life jackets and a short theoretical crash course are given. Only then is it on the water.

The tours are coordinated so that even inexperienced paddlers can safely participate. There will always be short stops on individual historical points.
There is also a shore leave with a break.

Do you have any questions or would you like to book the Canoe Tour In Berlin now?
We are happy to assist you. Telephone +49 30 21003838

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