Brewery cellar of the former Königstadt brewery
Historical vaults of the small water reservoir in Prenzlauer Berg

The underground structures in the Prenzlauer Berg district are a reflection of the history of Berlin since 1850: They tell of the industrial revolution, the emerging metropolis with its urban technology, the working culture, the terror of the National Socialists, the economic conditions in the GDR and today’s art and Cultural scene of the district. The tour “Berlin Prenzlauer Berg From Below” is intended to show at three different locations, by way of example, how underground buildings can be read as evidence of Berlin and German history.

Gewölbekeller im Untergrund im Prenzaluer Berg

The tour
“Berlin Prenzlauer Berg From Below” presents for the first time the cellars of the Königstadt brewery, which were originally used for the production and storage of beer. During the war they were used as air-raid shelters and under the alias “Lore III” for the manufacture of weapons. In GDR times, mushrooms were grown there.

The second station
of “Berlin Prenzlauer Berg From Below” is the old water reservoirs that were built as part of the “City Hygiene” for Berlin from 1853 and were an important part of Berlin’s urban infrastructure until 1914. They then served, among other things, as a warehouse for fish, food and, in the GDR era, for “western vehicles”. Nowadays cultural events take place in the vaults with their unusual acoustics during the summer.

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